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Air Movements Training and Development Unit is an RAAF unit under No 85 Wing located at RAAF Richmond north west of Sydney. No 85WG in turn is subordinate to Air Lift Group and Air Command.  AMTDU provides three core aerial delivery services to the ADF.

1. AMTDU maintains the technical airworthiness integrity of aerial delivery equipment and publications.

2. AMTDU develops new aerial delivery capabilities in accordance with the airworthiness standards.

3. AMTDU trains ADO personnel in a variety of aerial delivery courses.Aerial delivery is defined as operations involving airdrop, external lift and air land.

3.1. Airdrop relates to the delivery of equipment from the air by suitable aircraft such as the C130H, C130J-30 and DHC4.

3.2. External lift relates to external cargo carriage by rotary wing aircraft.

3.3. Airland relates to all conventional operations by suitable cargo carry transport aircraft.

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