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About Us

General Information

In October 2012, this website was purchased from Phil by David Butler (ABN Number: 38173495672).

Additional details are available on the “About Us” segment of our secondary site …..
I hope you like the website. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or just for a chat about patches!

This site was created by Phil Blackwell who states: “Some years ago I was given a pile of current colour patches as a gift. At the time the person who gave them to me had no idea what unit they had come from nor what they were for.

A letter to the ceremonial cell of Army couldn’t shed any light on it either. It seems that as they had only just been re-introduced there was still a lot of uncertainty about them.

Finally I managed to track down a much photocopied document that dealt with them in a little more detail. I realised at that point that the opportunity existed for a book to be written that would help not only collectors but also those that would be wearing them! Hence in 1994 the first edition of the colour patch book was released. Since then, with the help of units, and other collectors it has been reprinted as a hard cover, fully illustrated reference.

It seemed like a natural extension of the book to build upon my collection and at the same time assist other collectors. From those humble beginnings, it has progressed to the point were we are able to offer the most comprehensive selection of colour patches (and also Unit Shoulder Patches and Operational Shoulder Patches) in Australia.”

Military Fairs

Note: We will be attending some Militaria Shows in NSW, provided the dates do not conflict with our “local” shows in Queensland. Minimal disruption to the purchase / postage of items will occur when attending local shows, however, when attending the NSW/Maitland Shows, we will be away from Brisbane from early Friday prior to, until late on the Monday following, the dates shown for that event.

Details of Militaria Shows that we attend are shown on our site.


  • New Publications – Australian Army Badges Vol1 and Vol2 available for sale…see
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  • ACN Number: 643 273 223