2nd Commando Regiment


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The 2nd Commando Regiment (2 Cdo Regt) is
an Australian Army Special Forces unit, it is one of three combat-capable units
within the Australian Special Operations Command. The regiment was established
on 19 June 2009 when it was renamed from the 4th Battalion, Royal Australian
Regiment (Commando) (4 RAR (Cdo)). The unit is highly regarded by coalition
special operation forces abroad.


War Fighting is the predominant role of the
Commando Regiment and it was raised to assume the offensive special operations
tasks that were previously conducted by SASR, this focuses on many aspects of
unconventional warfare. The unit may be tasked with, but is not limited to,
Advanced Force Operations, Direct Action and Recovery, Strike, CSAR, Foreign
Internal Defence and Protective Security Details.


The 2nd Commando Regiment is the premier
Counter Terriorism and Recovery force relied upon by Government in the event of
a hostage situation. All members are qualified to be employed as a counter
terrorism operator/assaulter within the Tactical Assault Group (EAST). TAG
(EAST) primary task is with the recovery and rescue of hostages from enemy contested
situations. The Coy on CT Duties is tasked in domestic and international direct
action and hostage rescue missions by Sea, Air and Land. The TAG (East) role is
filled by a Commando Company at all times and augmented by RAN Clearance

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